SLA and humidity

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Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 05:57:12 EET


You don't say which SLA machine you have, but you might try the following
Ciba resins (all are listed as "humidity-resistant"):

SL 5220 (for SLA-250's)
SL 5210 (also listed as "water-resistant" for SLA-250's)
SL 5410 (for SLA-500's)
SL 5510 (for SLA-350, SLA-3500, SLA-5000)
SL 5520 (also durable yet flexible, impact resistant, for SLA-350, SLA-3500,
SL 5530HT (also temperature-resistant, supposed to withstand temperatures of
over 200 deg C (400 deg F) for SLA-350, SLA-3500, SLA-5000)

Probably the best resins to try are either the SL 5210 or the SL 5530 HT.

Even so, you still might want to spray a clear finish on all the model
surfaces as soon as possible after it is cured well to protect it further.
I've seen large SLA models grow by as much as 1/8 inch (linear direction)
several weeks exposure to a non-climate controlled shop environment.

Good Luck!

Glenn Whiteside
>>Hello RPers,
>>Again from a rainy Holland a question about models and humidity.
>>I'm looking for a SLA resin that allows me to use SLA models in a humid
>>environment without loosing tolerance.
>>Is there one and if so who uses it?
>>Greetings from Holland,
>>Edith Groenewolt

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