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From: Herve de Baillenx (debaillenx@multistation.com)
Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 09:42:54 EET


Dear Sir

I have just 3 a month of experience whis the Z402 machine in France, i can
share whis you this short experience.

1) The parts are good for all 3D Printing applications.
      It is possible to do a nice finishing
      I have also tested it for Casting whis succes

2) The software is very easy to learn and to use
      (You can use after 1 hour of training)

2) The software accept bad STL file, it do not stop if he find a bad layer.
       You can also test the slice before printing.

3) In 3 mons the machine never breckdown.

Best regards
Herve de Baillenx

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