Re: Z402 query (owners/operators only)

From: Vern Carter (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 20:39:52 EET

Why are we getting all your email?

Hope this helps. Call me at 317-585-3091 if you would like to discuss it in

>* Part build quality & repeatability?

--- Part quality is acceptable for the speed and intended function of the
machine and
repeatability is very good.

>* Software - user friendliness, etc.?

 --- The software is extreamly easy to use. Takes about an hour to learn every

>* How sensitive is the s/w to poor STL files (e.g., SLA = very,
>LOM = minimal)?

--- The software will read bad files as well as good files at about the
same speed.
But bad file make bad parts just like some other technologies.

>* Service?

--- Very good

>* Machine downtime?

--- Minimal.... All machines have their problems, but how the manufacture
deals with
you and the problems you may encounter is what sets these guys apart. They
do a vary
good job. We have had our machine since July of 1997 and only recently have
we seen
the machine go down for more then a few hours for minor repairs .

Vern Carter, CTS

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