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Architects and engineers have traditionally used physical scale models to
examine new form, test constructability or clarify design implications.
Teachers of design and construction have used models to reveal to students
the possibilities of materials or the opportunities of forces. Many
applications of models have been, however, constrained by the feasibility
of turning into physical form the concept of the design. Computers have
helped us overcome some of the problems in specifying form. As we
manipulate solid models with Boolean operators, for example, we are able to
arrive at forms otherwise difficult to describe. The opportunities for
using models in design and construction investigations have likewise been
extended as we use these computer models to drive numerically controlled
devices and rapid prototyping systems.

Automation in Construction is scheduling a special issue on the role of
numerically controlled and rapid prototyping systems in building design and
construction. We are inviting papers from those in research, practice and
education who are using digitally created physical models to submit papers
on their experiences and findings. Papers are invited which address all
aspects of using these systems in engineering applications as well as
architectural, including but not limited to:

- Applicability of RP in design and construction processes
- Technical constraints and resolution
- Prototyping technologies
- The role of models in phases of design
- Prototyping materials and their application
- The relationship between models and construction
- Comparisons of digital and non-digital modeling
- The integration of automated and manual fabrication methods

 Research surveys and application papers in the above areas are especially

All contributions will be subjected to a blind review process. The
manuscripts should not exceed 5,000 words. There should be a separate title
page listing the names and addresses of authors. Any references that reveal
the identity of the authors should be removed in the manuscript. Four
copies of the manuscript, following standard guidelines for the Automation
in Construction journal, should be mailed to the guest editors by June 30,
1999. Specific guidelines on the preparation of papers can be accessed at; please follow the links to Automation in Construction's
guide for authors.

Guest editors of this special issue are Branko Kolarevic
( and Thomas Kvan ( at the Department
of Architecture, University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong, tel.
++(852) 2859-2133, fax ++ (852) 2559-6484.

Dr. Ian Gibson
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Hong Kong
tel: (852) 28597901
fax: (852) 28585415

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