Selling/Exchange SOMOS6110 with SL5170

Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 06:19:16 EET

Dear to whom to be concerned,

This letter is showing my opinion to sell SOMOS 6110 resin
for EOS Stereos Desktop machine or to exchange with SL 5170 of Ciba Geigy.

Until now, though SOMOS 6110 resin has been used with EOS S250 without
any problem, I would like to exchange it to SL 5170 for any purpose.

If there is anyone who has interest in purchasing or exchanging it
with SL 5170, please feel free to contact me.
The related issues and conditions for doing business could be negotiatable.

The amount of the resin, SOMOS 6110, that I*m keeping with myself is
about 60kg for your reference.

The contactable information to me is referred to below.
Phone : +82-2-804-6237, +82-2-804-6238
Fax : +82-2-835-0073 ( Convertable to phone )
E-mail :

Yours sincerely,

In-Myung Kim

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