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One system we have tested is to machanicaly grind or cut up the silicone
into powder or sawdust like particles and mix it with virgin silicone. We
however did not feel comfortable going above 10% fill and therefore could
barely justify the investment in the equipment.

I am sure that in molds with low complexity you could increase the
percentage but this would become a judgement call of the mold maker. This
may be very difficult to impliment however if a method could be
estabolished, I'm sure the justification could easilty be justifiable.

If you would like information on the systems we tested and were able to
find results please notify me. I would also be interested in any method of
determining the safe recycle use level for new molds without risking the
detail replication loss.

Thank you

Carl Dekker
"Making Tomorrow Today"

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> Subject: Silicone recycling tips?
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> Hello all,
> Does anyone out there have any good ideas for recycling used RTV
> silicone? We cut up old molds and use the pieces for filler in new
> molds, but that's it and it is very minimal usage at that. We generate
> a lot of waste in this area and it would be good to not throw it in a
> landfill somewhere.
> Cheers.
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