Ambiguous Measurement Terminology

From: Andrzejewski, Jan (
Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 19:05:45 EET

Were the gnats that you photographed in a state of unconsciousness?

If so it could then it could be assumed that their little ass muscles were
very relaxed and larger than what may be used as an international standard.

There is also the problem of the classification of the terminology, 'ass' (
should it be open or shut )
its main purpose is to keep all the waste inside the gnat until it decides
to defecate. ( could be pretty messy on the optics ).

The secondary function of a gnats ass is to keep in any gaseous matter until
a sudden strenuous action causes the gnat to break wind.

In both functional cases the aperture would be closed and unmeasureable with
standard optics.

Could any body use an SEM ( scanning electron microscope ) on a live gnat?

What was the average size of the gnats used in the sample? and I suppose
that if a really big gnat from Texas was used then the size of the problem
could be doubled.

3D Systems could make a fortune recalibrating their customers machines to
the GA unit of measurement. under the premise that the gnats ass dilemma is
just another millennium bug that needs immediate attention.


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