Off topic humor: Scientific data about Knat's asses

From: Mark Wynn (
Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 23:06:54 EET

After reading Al's intriguing concept about a new standard of measurement, we became very interested. We immediately decided that it deserved our undivided attention.
We concocted a plan and proceeded to validate the actual dimension of a gnats ass. We built on Jan Andrzejewski's suggestion of using the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) to verify the actual measurements. But that part was easy, the real challenge was trying to catch one of those little guys. We tried everything, nets, containers, chop sticks, etc. We had almost given up on our quest when we came up with the ultimate plan.
We decided to have a picnic with lots of food ( main course being two week old fruit salad). While waiting to eat we played frisbee in a large open field right next to the fruit salad. The plan worked. Five minutes after I had worked up a good sweat I had caught at least five of them in my mouth. We took them to the SEM for measurements and the results were amazing !!! Al was correct ( Proof - please see the attached .jpg file). I am now a believer.

I vote to officially change our standard of measurement to a GA = exactly 0.002 in
Oh ya, sorry. I forgot about the Genetic Algorithm thing. As we don't want to upset the International CAD community (or Sanat) maybe we should consider HGA = 0.001 in.

P.S. - The attached .jpg file is only 66k. I sincerely apologize if it causes any of you problems. But remember, it was all done in the name of science.

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