Humour: Ambiguous Measurement Terminology

From: Andrzejewski, Jan (
Date: Tue Feb 02 1999 - 16:20:09 EET

The use of a gnats c*ck or gnats ass could be argued by many learned
professionals in its right and wrong usage for inspection and calibration of
RP processes.

Also there are no doubt many other colloquial sayings that are derived from
ancient customs.

Take the old, I believe, Anglo-Saxon measurement of beer ( you'll like this
one Graham ) the Firkin.

It is still today used very often but indeed out of context for example:
man to barman " give me a firkin beer will ya "

and the units are normally measured in a value of 2

again for example:
SLA250 operator to client with a part that is 300mm x 400mm x 280mm
" this part is too firkin big for us to build "


SLA500 finisher that has to take off a build that has been building for the
last ten days
" this part is too firkin heavy come on give me a hand "

By the way did you know that 'mils' is an old angular unit of ballistics,
yes 6,400 mils per revolution for gun elevations. ( still investigating this
claim )

now you may relate the gnats c*ck in terms of elevation but I do not see how
a gnats ass could be derived from this old unit? unless if it is used as the
centre of the target you aim at.


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