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<< I have noticed for many years that a lot of tool makers and machinists use
 a similar term "dead nuts".
 I have inquired almost every time someone has used that term and have never
 really given me an acceptable answer. Does anyone on the list know the
 origin or meaning of this term. Below is a quick context.
 The external diameter of the main shaft is "dead nuts".

At last - something I may have an inkling of...

Back in the good old days, high quality D'Arsonval meter scales and some
machine tool related scales used a symbol very much like the lazy eight
infinity symbol for the zero, or reference mark. Made it easier to see if you
were off to one side or another in your adjustment, hence the terminology,
"dead nuts".

Most of the items that I used with this symbol were manufactured well before
my time, and I am older than dirt.

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