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It is bit more complicated than that, I'm afraid, American and European
gnats are of different species, and of course, at least slightly, different

Since all known research in the area of GAS (gnats ass size), has been done
on American gnats, it is inconclusive wether these results apply to the
European counterparts.
European gnats are out of season right now, at least in the north of
Europe, so it is difficult carry out any research for a few months.
Therefore I suggest that the term for the time being should be "SAGA"
(Standard American Gnats Ass).
When the European gnat season returns, further research in the anatomy and
measures of European gnats can be carried out, sizes of whatever body parts
(probably given in the metric system) could be added to the new standard
under names such as SEGA, or SEGC.
Then all we need will be conversion charts between SAGAs and SEGAs and
we'll be all set!

Why simplify anything that could have this beautiful complexity?

Wondering /Klas

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>Here in the UK we also have a measurement problem. Some of our
>dimensions have to be within a Gnats c*ck. What I would like to know
>is do we work closer than our colleagues in the USA? or does the Gnats
>ass give tighter tolerances. Maybe this could relate to the HGA
>measurement in some way. It all depends on whether the measurement is
>length or diameter, and whether the GA measurement is whole or hole.
>Is there any chance of a JPEG file of this part of the anatomy.
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>>I prefer the round number of 0.001-inches, or one "HGA", which is to
>>one-Half of a Gnatt's Ass.
> But those of us who prefer metric would rather round it up to 0.1
>mm, or
>a TGA for 2 Gnatt's Arses.
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>>>I have noticed that went RP people talk about measurements in mils,
>>>there can be a great deal of confusion. The problem comes about,
>>>because depending on the background of the person, this can mean
>>>millimeters or thousandths of an inch. For example, 2 mils may be
>>>interpreted as two millimeters or 0.002 inches.
>>>In order to overcome this problem, I propose that we use a new
>>> You have probably heard the statement that a "measurement was on
>>>a gnats ass". In order to understand what this really means, I have
>>>examined some photographs of gnats and measured what appears to be
>>>ass. From these photographs, the average value of the gnats ass came
>>>about to be 0.002 inches or 0.05 millimeters.
>>>I am therefore proposing an unambiguous measurement amongst RP'ers to
>>>GA units (GA is the abbreviation for gnats ass), where a GA is 0.002
>>>inches or 0.05 millimeters.
>>>What do you think?
>>>Al Hastbacka
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