From: Gabe Clark (
Date: Tue Feb 02 1999 - 21:50:05 EET

        I have a client who wishes to recieve data from a scanned object to use
in the Solidworks98 CAD package. This object is roughly 3.2" wide x 4.8" long
x 1" tall (thick). It is actually two halves of a shell, so each half would be
about 1/2" tall (thick). We really only need the data for the outside of the
part(s) to be critical. Once scanned and pulled into the CAD package the
inside for the components will be modified. We would like to get the data as a
parasolid. If that is not posible then a parametric surface, igs, dxf would
suffice. We would also like to hold the tolerances at 5 to 10 thousands of an
inch at worst. For those of you who do this, could you please e-mail me
directly about if this is possible, an estimate of cost, and any suggestions
you might have. Thanks in advance.

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