Classification of RP

Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 00:42:07 EET

  Dear RP Professionals:

 Forgive my poor English in advance...
 I'm fascinated so much by possibility of RP technologies
 and I dream of the day I can make mold inserts or parts
 directly from 3D CAD model without any human intervention.
 So I've been searching for all the RP technologies in the world.
 During that eager search,I'd like to put forward some RP techno-
 logy lists summarized for you all.
 Please refer to the attached file(MS-Excel format) of RP lsit
 And I wanna update this list incorporating your advices or
 informations you could give me.
 Any information and advice on this list you give me would be
 greatly appreciated.

   Best regards.

Precision Technology Center,LG-PRC / LG Electronics Inc.
19-1,Cheongho-Ri,Jinwuy-Myon,Pyungtaek(451-713), R.O.Korea


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