Re: Ambiguous Measurement Terminology (Refined)

From: Chris Cramer (
Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 04:59:44 EET

Tom Richards wrote:

> I prefer the round number of 0.001-inches, or one "HGA", which is to say
> one-Half of a Gnatt's Ass.

To avoid further confusion and to avoid using such ridiculous terms as
"quarter of a gnats ass", perhaps it would be wise to refine
this into more precise units such as a milli-gnats ass (1 mGA = 0.001GA =
0.000002"), or micro gnats ass (uGA).
Should higher precision be required, one could go as far as using the unit
"hair on a gnats ass", or if you really want to
split hairs, "half a hair on a gnats ass". This should not be confused with
Tom's definition of one-Half of a Gnats Ass (HGA),
but would use the abbreviation HrGA for HaiR of a Gnats Ass. These could be
further subdivided into units such as "milli-hair
on a gnats ass" (mHrGA), not to be confused with mega-hair on a gnats ass
(MHrGA) which, correct me if I'm wrong,
doesn't give a gnats ass.

It everyone clear on this?

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