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<< Greetings,
 I'm working with a company that wants to produce very small holes in steel.
  What would you use to produce 5 to 20 HGA diameter holes in 0.25 inch (6.5
 mm) thick tool steel. What is 5 to 20 HGA you ask? Well, to most
 Americans, it's 0.005 to 0.020 inch, .... and to the rest of the world,
 it's 0.125 to 0.5 mm. That's small, but I am under the impression that
 lasers are available that can produce holes that small?
 Terry >>

Most any wire EDM house in the US can do holes down to .015 " up to about an
inch thick. I would recomend you find a place with a Charmille CNC hole
popper. Our hole popper is an older Japax and can only do about .010 - .012 ".
There is a place called Spectrum somewhere in the midwest that could do the
job for you. (you can look them up in an industrial services guide.) . We have
a Charmille hole popper in one of our shops in Sweden but thats kinda far.
Actually we no longer drill any holes any smaller than 1/8 inch in any of our
molds. They are always hole popped and wire EDM'ed these days.
Bob Morton Fusion Engineering

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