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Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 19:56:08 EET


I know your not asking for an existing component but...

We had a scallope shell scanned some time ago and had the surface offset by 1/2".
We now regularly build these items when we demonstrate our LOM 1015. If you want a
copy of the file just let me know.



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Gabe Clark wrote:

> I have a client who wishes to recieve data from a scanned object to use
> in the Solidworks98 CAD package. This object is roughly 3.2" wide x 4.8" long
> x 1" tall (thick). It is actually two halves of a shell, so each half would be
> about 1/2" tall (thick). We really only need the data for the outside of the
> part(s) to be critical. Once scanned and pulled into the CAD package the
> inside for the components will be modified. We would like to get the data as a
> parasolid. If that is not posible then a parametric surface, igs, dxf would
> suffice. We would also like to hold the tolerances at 5 to 10 thousands of an
> inch at worst. For those of you who do this, could you please e-mail me
> directly about if this is possible, an estimate of cost, and any suggestions
> you might have. Thanks in advance.
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