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From: Andrzejewski, Jan (jan.rp@pera.com)
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 12:04:15 EET

Simon_Van_de_Crommert/gmbh/DTM@dtm-corp.com wrote direct to me:
>RP Specific buy or lease differences (to my knowledge): Whenever you buy a
machine second hand >source or leasing company the software license is not
transferred therefore you need to pay the >machine vendor a software license
fee (similar to CAD or other software). Furthermore the de->installation and
installation should normally be done by a qualified engineer (certainly when
RP >machines consists of multiple pieces or fragile components that need to
be protected during transport).

>Extended/new warranty is normally not possible unless the machine is
inspected by the vendor and >repairs, etc. are carried out according

>Leasing is very tricky with RP equipment since most leasing companies are
not familiar with the type >of equipment and its future value. Most leasing
companies are willing to take risks with blue chip >companies and not with
service bureaux for example.

Thanks Simon

This then raises further questions:
What costs have others spent on de-installation and installation ( just
machine set-up not environment accessories )?
What is the costs of DTM software license?
Do the machines that are advertised on the rp-ml have any vendor
I agree with you that leasing to service bureaux is risky but disagree that
leasing companies will not deal with a service bureaux but only blue chip
companies. I have heard from several sources that Formation in the UK have
had just this problem.
Would sellers of RP machines state if the machine has a service history and
a vendor inspection report available.

Jan Andrzejewski

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