Cover images for magazine - can you help?

From: Mark Littlewood (
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 19:10:06 EET

We are currently sourcing images for Time-Compression Technologies front
covers over 1999. If anybody has images that they would like to have
considered for publication, please send a low res image (JPEG preferred) of
what you have. All contributions will be gratefully received and
acknowledged, if you send us an image that is suitable, I will then come
back to you and ask you to send us a high res image suitable for printing
(This has to be available in a high RES version. (High res here means at
least 300 lines per inch saved at full page size - approximately 8" x 10").

Successful images will obviously be credited to the relevant company and

Thanks for your help.

Mark Littlewood

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