STL weirdness.

From: Paul Burr (
Date: Sat Feb 06 1999 - 17:03:43 EET

In my quest to preserve JewelCad as the design tool for a desktop CNC
system, I've been exploring my export options. When I export a JewelCAD
file as an STL, all my boolean operations are undone, and I get a solid
Exporting as an igs or DXF 3d face file yeilds the same results-items that
I had subtracted from the main part reappear. I've opened them in Rhino,
Amapi, and the demo viewer of DeskProto, same result. But, if I open a
saved igs (an igs exported by JewelCAD) file in JewleCad, everthing is
correct. Is this typical of other 3D design packages? Or, just another of
JewelCad's quirks?
The strange thing is that JewelCad writes flawless SLC files for use with
our Sanders MM6. No problems with boolean operations undoing themselves in
this format. I've seen lots of utilities to convert other file formats to
STL, but has anyone seen a utility to change an SLC file into a dxf or STL?

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