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Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 22:02:21 EET

Sure Do! I've followed this RP-mailing list for several years now. Finally, someone on the list has discovered AeroMet.

We've been in existence for a little over one year now. We are making Aerospace quality (100-% dense, excellent mechanical properties,...) titanium and titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V and others) near-shape components. These components are 'free-formed' --- no tools or dies required. Current size capacity of ~10' x 10' x 2' high. One note on your question ---- we do much more than RP --- in many cases we provide a cost effective alternative to forging and hogging from plate/billet on a production basis, and our RP components are fully functional prototypes.

I suggest that you visit the AeroMet website at as a starting point for answering many questions. Please call or write to discuss other questions and explore potential applications .

Mike House
Operations Manager
AeroMet Corporation
7623 Anagram Drive
Eden Prairie MN 55344
612-974-1806 (voice)
612-974-1801 (fax)

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Has anybody worked with or know anything about a company called AeroMet
Corp of Eden Prairie, MN who does RP of large titanium structures?

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