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Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 13:58:37 EET

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Your comment about the STL file limiting the surface finish is correct.

In the Sanders Model Maker systems, the inherent capability of the
system is to make layers as thin as 1/2 HGA. But, to extract the
optimum capability out of the system, slice files must be used whenever
the model or pattern has fine features or a smooth surface (bricks
excluded). In the jewelry applications, JEWELCAD provides slice files
that really optimize the overall capability of the Sanders system.

Crystal Balling
I expect to see new RP software systems to be developed that will be
able to input files from ProE, Unigraphics, CATIA, etc. in their native
file formats and perform the slicing necessary for one HGA slices. This
will enhance the pattern building process on the SLA 7000, Sanders
ModelMaker, Sanders ToolMaker, and other systems that can fabricate
patterns using one HGA or finer slices.

Al Hastbacka
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> Sounds to me like it breaks the price barrier too. Does it still use
> files? If so then even at 1 mil layers the surface finish leaves much
to be
> desired.
> Andy Scott
> Lockheed Martin Aerospace
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