Announce: Free SolidView Upgrade 3.2 now available

From: Tom Vorgitch (
Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 21:52:59 EET

A free SolidView 3.2 upgrade for all existing SolidView 3.0
users is now available. You can download the upgrade from

All SolidView customers of record will receive a 3.2 upgrade
CD in the mail from your authorized SolidView reseller, or
directly from Solid Concepts.

Discount upgrades from SolidView 2.1 to 3.2 will end on
June 30, 1999.

Some of the new features in SolidView 3.2 are:

Shell Function (SolidView/RP Master)
A new shell function has been added to SolidView/RP Master. This
function can be used to create thin-shell hollow parts from solid
.stl data.

IGES Analysis (SolidView IGES)
This new feature allows the user to select individual IGES
surface entities to display detailed information about the
surface, including its layer number, IGES color, and entity
number. Once an IGES surface has been selected, it can be
hidden, deleted or separated from the current object. The IGES
analysis dialog is displayed when the Tools | IGES Analysis menu
is selected.
Enhanced Graphics
Starting with this release, SolidView now gives you the option of
using OpenGL graphics instead of SolidView's internal rendering
algorithms. OpenGL graphics are supported under Windows 95,
Windows 98, and Windows NT. OpenGL graphics are not supported
under Windows 3.1. The advantages of OpenGL are:
More colors
High quality graphics
Spectral highlights (shininess)
Support for OpenGL accelerated hardware

Mass Calculation
SolidView's Measure Object feature has been enhanced to calculate
the mass of an object if the material density is defined.

Most Recent File List
SolidView now displays the most recently used files in the File
menu. This feature can be configured under the General tab of
the File | Preferences dialog.

You can find out more about SolidView 3.2 from



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