Multiple feature solid model from reverse engineering

From: Jack Feng (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 17:27:33 EET

Hi RP-List,

We are seeking a reverse engineering project which will require to generate
a multiple feature (feature by feature) solid model in Pro/E for a very
complicated forging die. What we are given is the forged part only. What we
are doing now is to use the Mitutoyo RV57 CMM in our lab to scan the
surfaces (2-5 micrometer accuracy), and use the built-in Scanpak software
to convert the scan data into IGES file. From there we will generate the
Pro/E solid model of the forged part, then reverse it to the die model.
Since this is a single feature model, it does not fulfill the possible
final requirement of design modifications and manufacturing process
simulation (we are not sure if we shall/can add this part into the project).

Any comments and ideas helping the above process will be appreciated.

For most of my friends originated from East Asia, happy new year to you.


Jack Feng

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