A listing of RP & RE Methods.

From: Rudolf Schenker (rudis@ibi.co.za)
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 21:03:53 EET

To those who requested my list of RP and RE methods.

I delivered two presentations last year to two engineering student
groups from different educational institutions. Both forth year graduate
groups, one mechanical the other industrial design, consisted of about
30 students each. The first question I asked them was to name the
various Rapid Prototyping methods that they knew. I was a bit
dumb-founded when they only managed to name almost two RP systems. At
that stage I was aware of about 25 RP systems, naturally not all are on
a commercial level. I in the mean while started to compile my own list
and it is growing on a monthly basis. We still have a lot of ground to
I am still in the process to improve this list and will therefor
appreciate your input. I would like to thank those that have evaluated
this page in advance, those who replied did contributed a great deal.

Here is the connection, enjoy!


Rudolf Schenker

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