Re: Inventor Seeks Company to Commercialize Medical Patent

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Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 14:51:27 EET

At 05:46 PM 2/10/99 EST, you wrote:
>Cost Reducing Suture
>We are representing the inventor of a novel suturing method. This invention
>has the potential of reducing the time and cost of more than two hundred
>thousand urology operations per year. The estimated time saving per
>is a conservative one hour, which averages out to $1500 per operation in the
>United States. The resulting cost benefit in operating room time is at least
>$150 million per year.
>The inventor of this suturing device and method is interested in licensing
>this technology and patent to a company that can commercialize the
>Prototype components have been fabricated in a non-medical grade polymer.
>If your company is in a position to potentially exploit this technology,
>please send us an Email or Fax, so that we can provide more details. All
>responses will be held in confidence.


We would be interested in pursuing this project with you. Our subsidiary
company "Idealine" has several relationships with medical companies that
would be interested in this type of technology.

Please contact Susan Harrington at or

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