.010 slice for sla 500

From: Speer, Robert J. (Robert.Speer@alcoa.com)
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 20:45:49 EET

Ingrid wrote:
>Has anyone built a .010 slice on a SLA500?
>Anything to watch out for?
>Any suggestions on parameters for the build?
>Ingrid Timmel
I build routinely at .010 using DuPont SOMOS resins, currently 8100.
Starting parameters would be .008 BOC for supports, .006 BOC and .0025
HOC with .006 for X and Y fills for the part. I set the laser power at
the head at about 290 and max draw speed at 200. These settings will
give you about 176 ips hatch speed and 360 ips fill speeds which on thin
walls will give a small amount of tagging when it fills. This is with an
Ec of 7.3 and a Dp of 5.7. Keep in mind these settings are for DuPonts
resin I do not have any data for other resin.

Bob Speer
Alcoa Tech Center
robert.speer@alcoa.com (724) 337-3836

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