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<< Can anyone put me on to a source for die cast zinc prototypes:
 Approximate size 6" x 6" x 4" (water faucet - like)
 Quantity: 1000
 Bruce >>

My Company Fusion Engineering has had pretty good success making High
temperature silicone molds for Zinc die cast soft tooling. We make an SLA
master then make a soft tool similar to a standard silicone soft tool. We can
usually deliver small quantities in about 5 days. To provide 1000 parts I
would suggest using the 3D Keltool process. We would approach the job by
providing maybe 10 or 20 parts to the customer from a couple silicone molds
during the first week or two. During which time we would build SLA cavity
masters and 3D Keltool inserts ( about 10 days ). To save time and effort we
would grow the punch and die for the trim tool in 3D keltool also. Since these
are prototypes we would would use what we call level 1 finishing on the
inserts. (Level one means we try to grow everything in 3D Keltool including
runners and ejector pins so we only have to just drop the cavities into the
moldbase upon completion). You don't need water in the blocks and "flashing"
the parting line is actually desirable on a job of this sort. (easier to trim
in trim die). We would opt for a standardized quick change mold base (many
types are available) then design the cavities to suit. Actually it may be
possible to install High temp silicone cavities into the same moldbase and run
dozens of samples while you are waiting for the Keltool inserts. On a job like
this if we were sitting on our hands waiting for a job we could deliver in
about 3 weeks. Our typical delivery is about 4 to 5 weeks. The 3D Keltool
should be good for 50-100 thousand shots. There are many mold shops utilizing
the 3D Keltool process. If you cantact 3D Systems they can direct you to your
local neighborhood moldshop. 3D Systems or Fusion can supply the inserts to
the moldshop. Fusion would be happy to quote the whole job for you but frankly
all this stuff I described is pretty common and available anywhere. I'm sure
there is a die caster in your area who would be more than happy to help you.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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