Conference Announcement: uRapid '99

From: Ulrich Clemens (
Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 18:01:31 EET

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uRapid '99: The meeting place for rapid prototyping practicians,
International Conference from 2 - 4 June 1999 in London

In the "uRapid '99" Conference, the Fraunhofer-Allianz Rapid Prototyping is opening up an international industrial forum for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. The conference will provide practicians from around the world, with an opportunity to discuss their experience. "uRapid '99" will focus on the requirements of industrial users and on engineers engaged in the development of machines, materials, software and processes. The principle theme will be the practical application of a comprehensive range of rapid prototyping technologies. In addition, machine and materials manufacturers and service companies will present advances made in their own fields in lectures and in an accompanying exhibition.

"uRapid '99" will be held from 2 - 4 June 1999 in London, at the Holiday Inn - Nelson Dock. It is being organised by the Fraunhofer-Allianz Rapid Prototyping, a co-operative venture set up by twelve Fraunhofer Institutes.

Please contact Mr Ulrich Clemens (phone +49(0)241/8904-205 fax +49(0)241/8904-198 email if you would like to receive an enrolment form and a detailed programme.

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