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Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 19:40:03 EET

Venkat Krishnamurthy wrote:
> Hi all,
> Thought this might of interest: in conjunction with the
> launch of Paraform's Digital Human Catalog, Paraform is
> providing a sample digital human model for free download
> through March 1, 1999.
> This model was scanned in using a Cyberware full-body laser
> scanner (WB4) and processed with Paraform software to create
> NURBS surfaces. The model is currently available via
> More info on our surfacing technology can also be found at
> the site.
> The digital human model is being made available at no charge
> for unrestricted non-commercial use. Its available in a variety
> of formats including an animation ready model (i.e. with IK)
> for Maya.

Dear list,

I have downloaded this model. It works, its nice. But I reiterate, for
under $200 you can buy poser from This program
has libraries of files- men, women, children, dogs, horses, etc.,. you
can save them out as OBJ or DXF files and import them into your favorite
cad for outputting via STL. The files have a lot more detail than this
free model. Ofcourse free is cheaper than $200 but $200 buys you dozens
of models. Check it out. I've been having a blast playing with it.

Any sculptors hidden in the ranks of you engineers? Poser will bring it
out in you, or your kids.

Why heck, if I were a major rp company, I'd get poser to include an stl
output. Then I'd issue coupons with Poser for the first RP model made
with my companiy's machine. Always thinking of popularizing RP!!


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