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Marshall Burns wrote:
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> >Please visit the web page of this talented jewelry student at Tyler in
> >Philadelphia. Put that in your machine and smoke it!
> >
> Michael,
> Thanks for pointing this out. This is the future of manufacturing and
> merchandizing. In the future, there will be hundreds, then thousands, and
> then millions of these on-line catalogs showing products that people have
> designed and made on their fabbers. Viewers will have the choice of ordering
> these products from the designer, either as shown or with custom
> modifications, or downloading the CAD file (with a royalty automatically
> charged to their credit card) so they can make it on their own fabber or
> modify it themselves before fabbing. One difference, on Web sites of the
> future the images will be 3-D so viewers can rotate them and look at them
> from all angles before deciding on a purchase.
> Congratulations are due to Stanley Lechtzin for designing the program at
> Temple University that brought this work about. One complaint: There is,
> unless I missed it, no way to contact the student directly if one is
> interested. The student's own e-address should appear on the site.

Marshall and rp list,

I visited Temple this year and was incredibly impressed by the program
that Stanley Lechtzin has created. Stanley has been working in this area
for some 20 years. He's come up the hard way, learning CNC milling and
programming and now employing RP. He has been more than generous with
his students. The students are cracker jack. They take to this like
fishes in water. Many Kudos goes to Stanley for creating one of the
first, and best, programs of its kind. I can't overstate my admiration
for him and the program he's created.

I was a little embarassed lecturing in front of one of the real pioneers
of ART and Automatic Fabrication.


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