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From: Tom Richards (
Date: Sun Feb 14 1999 - 17:47:45 EET

Farrish: Not pure OFHC, but a 995 or so CDA alloy with conductivity of the
order of that of ETP copper, ie, 100%. Tom Richards, Metallurgist

At 02:16 PM 2/11/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I am interested in some information about your company's capability to cast
>pure copy. Is there a web address you can refer me to, or do you have a
>brochure you can send?
>C Farrish
>Precision Metalsmiths, Inc.
>1081 E. 200th St.
>Cleveland, OH 44117
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>From: Tom Richards <>
>To: Impact - Doug Johnson <>
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>Date: Monday, February 08, 1999 8:13 PM
>Subject: Re: Pure copper bars
>Doug: Attach your zipped binary .stl of your part to us and we'll quote
>casting it in a high conductivity copper by our Direct RP Process with
>delivery in a week.
>At 02:22 PM 2/8/99 -0600, you wrote:
>>I am in need of some "pure" copper parts.
>>They are 1/2 inch square bent bars.
>>I either need them formed or cast.
>>Any ideas?
>>Doug Johnson Prototyping Specialist
>>IMPACT Engineering Solutions
>>3315 North 124th Street
>>Suite N
>>Brookfield, WI 53005
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>><DIV><SPAN class=120171720-08021999><FONT size=2>Hi,</FONT></SPAN></DIV>
>><DIV><SPAN class=120171720-08021999><FONT size=2>I am in need of some
>>&quot;pure&quot; copper parts.&nbsp; </FONT></SPAN></DIV>
>><DIV><SPAN class=120171720-08021999><FONT size=2>They are 1/2 inch square
>>bars. </FONT></SPAN></DIV>
>><DIV><SPAN class=120171720-08021999><FONT size=2>I either need them formed
>>cast. </FONT></SPAN></DIV>
>><DIV><SPAN class=120171720-08021999><FONT size=2>Any ideas?
>><DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><FONT size=2>
>><P align=center></FONT><A href=""><B><FONT
>>color=#000080 face="Comic Sans MS" size=2>Doug Johnson &#8211; Prototyping
>></B></FONT></A></P><FONT size=2>
>><P align=center></FONT><A href=""><B><FONT
>>color=#000080 face="Comic Sans MS" size=2>IMPACT Engineering
>>Solutions</B></FONT></A></P><B><FONT face="Comic Sans MS" size=2>
>><P align=center>3315 North 124<SUP>th</SUP> Street</P>
>><P align=center>Suite N</P>
>><P align=center>Brookfield, WI 53005</P>
>><P align=center>ph:414-317-8135</P>
>><P align=center>fx:414-317-8101</P></B></FONT><FONT size=2>
>><P align=center></P></FONT>
>Tom Richards, Metallurgist
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Tom Richards, Metallurgist

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