SLA7000 test result at Incs(Japan)

From: igata tetsuzo (
Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 14:51:24 EET

We saw several messages regarding questions on the 3D SLA7000. Please 
Incs to explain. We are INCS, the largest service bureau in Japan and Asia
with 14 systems (3 SLA 5000's, 3 SLA 500s, 4 250s, 1 3500 and one Actua.)
We are one of the other first site of the new SLA-7000 Production
The machine was delivered and set up only a few days ago and is already
running very well.
We had done several benchmarks with our other three SLA-5000 machines.
We wanted to believe the speed and quality numbers that 3D Systems had said
the machine could do. But we were not so sure. So, we have done six medium
sized parts during the first day.
We used the new Lightyear software, and ran real customer data on the
SLA7000 with the fast Build style at 0.125mm and simulated the exact style
at .025mm. We compared this with Actual build times on the SLA 5000.
Please note that the 7000 can build parts with .025mm layers faster than the
can build with .15mm layers. Lightyear was also much faster as you can see
and very easy to use. 3D tells us that the final version of Lightyear will
be even faster. Lightyear accepts .STL data just like Maestro but you only
have to work with one interface on one screen. Very Easy.
The software was run on the following configurations:

IRIX 6.4, R10000, 195MHZ
640MB RAM, 9.1GB Disc

3D Lightyear
Windows NT PII 450MHZ x 2
512MB RAM 9GB Disc

SLA5000 Laser Power 200mW
SLA7000 Laser Power 230/800mW

Build Time comparisons
Cylinder Head 1/4 scale Data Size 35.6MB

SLA Build Time
SLA5000 36h (Actual)
SLA7000F 9h 30m (Actual)
SLA7000E 21h 40m Estimate

Preparation time comparisons:

Verify :8m 38s
Create Support: 1m 9s
Slice: 35m 15s
Total Time: 44m 52s
BFF File Size: 51.7MB

3D Lightyear
Verify: 7s
Create Supports: 32s
Slice: 20m 30s
Total Time: 21m 9s
BFF File Size: 14.4MB

Intake Manifold 1/2 scale Data Size 10.2MB

SLA Build Time
SLA5000 13h 50m (Actual)
SLA7000F 4h 37m (Actual)
SLA7000E 10h 30m Estimate

Verify : 3m14s
Create Support: 2m6s
Slice: 28m27s
Total Time: 34m15s
BFF File Size: 7.02MB

3D Lightyear
Verify: 44s
Create Supports: 17s
Slice: 10m28s
Total Time: 11m58s
BFF File Size: 4.52MB


Cylinder Block Data Size 31.5MB

SLA Build Time
SLA5000 55hr Estimate
SLA7000F 9h 30m Estimate
SLA7000E 28hr Estimate

Verify : 7m 48s
Create Support: 1m 53s
Slice: 3h 36m 22s
Total Time: 3h 46m 2s
BFF File Size: 8.32MB

3D Lightyear
Verify: 3m 5s
Create Supports: 49s
Slice: 2hr 17m 35s
Total Time: 2h 20m 29s
BFF File Size: 7.25MB

Tetsuzo Igata
Incs Inc.

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