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From: Speer, Robert J. (Robert.Speer@alcoa.com)
Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 19:43:25 EET

Joe Allison wrote:
          Bob and Ingrid,

I am curious. Why do you want to build at .010" layers? There is
considerably more finishing to do, and there is theoretical and
evidence to show that the maximum layer thickness for speed is somewhere
close to the Dp which is typically around .005-006". Are you exceeding
limit of the scanning system at these layer thicknesses?

      I don't do extensive finishing on as many parts as the service
bureaus. Naturally when small details are needed I build at .004 or
.006. I do alot of extrusions and various designs simply for
demonstration purposes so I build for speed. Vertical walls aren't
really a big deal as far as extra finishing goes but you're correct,
near flat surfaces would take longer to finish because of the higher
step and the distance between the layer lines. As far as your last
question goes , I guess if I was exceeding the max. layer thickness the
parts wouldn't build or would be soft, and that is not the case. In fact
I have built several extrusions at .014 but its not good to do that
because after awhile it begins to change the resin properties. I think
it leaves more acid in the resin around the part and then upon draining
the parts it stays in the vat. Bottom line is if you don't need to
finish the part why take up so much more laser time, these parts look
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