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You make a lot of nice points there. But I have to disagree with one
that I hear all the time. It goes like this "Creativity is not
widespread". Now I know I circulate in a world that is full of creative
types, and that my opinion is slanted, but I see creativity everywhere.
I see people just dieing to get it out. They're crying for it. As it
becomes commonplace for people to work for several employers through out
there life, this human value--creativity--will have greater expression.
Most people get creativity banged out them because they're constantly
told they can't make a living like that. Well I'm I struggle more than
thrive, but I am middle class. AND I LOVE WHAT I DO! This goes back to
something the German Artist Joseph Beuys said: "Everyone an artist,
Everyone a human wealth potential." IT IS NOT JUST THE DOMAIN OF

My 2.5 cents.


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