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From: Catherine Minich (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 01:02:40 EET

I rarely post to this list but I have learned volumes from the
contributions of others. However, the current thread is close to my
heart. I am one of the students studying with Mr. Lechtzin at
Tyler. (You may know me because I periodically beg some of you
for material samples.)
My goal as an RP artist
is to try to find forms that I could not have made nor would I think
making any other way. I'm not sure how successful I've been but I keep
trying. I attempt to explore the natures of CAD and RP in their
differences from other fabrication medium. This can, by the way, involve
multiple iterations of the same piece or multiple components so I'm not
inclined to agree with the "one-of-a-kind" philosophy. It seems pointless
to deny the nature of a medium simply because it does not fit into a
preconceived definition of "art" or "craft". If I were to continue to
make work via CAD with the sole intention of expediting what I can make
with my hands, it probably would be faster and easier for the most part,
but it would not be art. It would teach nothing new. Creativity is the
process by which a new idea is conceived. A primary (perhaps only)
function of art is to teach these new ideas. When an audience is exposed
to new ideas, their minds are potentially opened. The open minds engender
new creativity. Or so I hope. I recognize RP as a family of
extraordinary technologies which can make the known world of 3-D objects
easily and readily accessible. I am hoping to find, in the use of CAD and
RP, an, as yet, unknown world.

-Cate Minich

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