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From: Joe Frantz (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 16:16:16 EET

Dear RP-ML:

Last year at RP&M '98 we had a Mini-Jector injection molding machine in our
booth and ran samples in a Direct SLA mold during the show. We wanted to
show everyone "first hand" one of the product development advancements that
our industry has provided - Production Material Parts In Days.

This year at RP&M '99 we are bringing back the machine and want to
demonstrate seven different Rapid Tooling techniques. One the first night
and three each of the two full days of the show.

We are looking to show a wide range of techniques and hand out samples
representing each process. We have found that handing out actual samples
from the process to be an affective way to draw attention instead of just
giving out brochures. People walk away with a tangible example of the
process. Four years ago we did a co-promotion with Keltool and produced a
3" tall thermoplastic rubber construction worker holding a Rapid Tooling
sign. We have handed out over ten thousand of these in the last few years
and if we have done our marketing correctly, most of you should be familiar
with it and hopefully have one sitting on your desks.

Anyone interested in participating in this program, please send me your
E-Mail address and a quick description of the Rapid Tooling process. We
will forward detailed information regarding the program.


Joseph P. Frantz
Rapid Tooling & Plastic Injection Molding
Mini-Jector Molding Machines
45 Pleasant Drive
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022-3025
Telephone: (440) 247-2960 or (800) RAPID 50
Facsimile: (440) 247-2294

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