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Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 14:25:36 EET

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3D Systems has pushed prospective customers away from using master
patterns other than those produced on their RP systems.
What will your philosophy be concerning the making of tools from
patterns produced on other than 3D Systems RP machines?

Al Hastbacka

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> Subject: Press Release - 3D Keltool
> *************** P R E S S R E L E A S E
> Rapid Tooling Technologies, LLC purchases 3D Keltool license from 3D
> Inc.
> St. Paul, MN. - Rapid Tooling Technologies, LLC (RTT) is pleased to
> it's purchase of a 3D Keltool license. 3D Keltool is the proprietary
> tooling technology from 3D Systems, Inc. of Valencia, California.
Along with
> the purchase of the license, Rapid Tooling Technologies has also
acquired the
> assets of 3D's tooling facility located in St. Paul, Minnesota.
> 3D Keltool is a rapid tooling technology, originally developed
by 3M
> Corporation in the mid 1980's and acquired by 3D Systems in 1996. The
> is a proprietary and patented method of creating production grade
> inserts - in approximately 8 days. Typically, the same insert created
> traditional machining might take 4 to 8 weeks.
> "We are very excited about the acquisition, says Brad Fox, RTT's
> Manager. The Keltool technology of 2-1/2 years ago is NOT the Keltool
> today. 3D Systems has made a significant R&D investment in Keltool,
making it
> the only reliable, accurate production grade rapid tooling technology
> available. RTT will couple this with providing technical customer
service. Our
> staff includes engineers who understand Injection Molding tooling who
will ask
> the right questions and manage the job like a tooling house. Our
> objectives are to market this toward the correct tooling niche, and to
> guarantee successful applications of the Keltool technology through
> customer service."
> Michael Lockard of 3D Systems notes, "we feel that Rapid Tooling
> LLC is the perfect partner to acquire our St. Paul facility. They have
had many
> years of experience with Keltool and have watched it mature under 3D
> RTT brings to the picture technically driven customer service to
promote this
> Rapid Tooling technology."
> 3D Systems, Inc. will continue it's R&D efforts out of Valencia, CA.
and sell
> Licenses of the Keltool to end users.
> For additional information about Rapid Tooling Technologies LLC, the
> process, or for a quote on your next rapid tooling job, please contact
> Rapid Tooling Technologies, LLC
> 559 Shoreview Park Road
> St. Paul, MN. 55126
> Contact: Brad Fox
> Jim Firnstahl
> Matt Muilenburg
> 651-483-2703 (phone)
> 651-482-1228 (fax)
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