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Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 17:58:25 EET

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<< Does anybody out there have any experience with the new Silicon Graphics NT
Workstations, particularly with reference to their
 use with Pro/Engineer and the new 3-D Systems Lightyear software?
  Any replies greatly appreciated.
I went to the release seminar at SGI in Chicago for these machines. I was so
impressed with the machines I ordered 6 right away. I was promised delivery in
1st week Febuary, I was later informed we would not recieve the machines till
mid march. Good luck trying to get one. According to the specs a Dell twin
450 xeon has a winspeed rating somewhere around 22. The Sgi rating is 29 for
the 450 PII . According to SGI the graphics are about 12 times faster than any
other graphics available today for NT arcitecture. I did see ProE running on
one and it looked faster than anything I had ever seen. If I ever get my
machines I'll let you know if its all true.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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