DTM build temp or?

From: Miller, Michael W (Mike.Miller3@PSS.Boeing.com)
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 21:01:27 EET

I recently ran a calibration on one of our DTM 2000's (duraform) where I had beam offset checks at the bottom (1 inch Z) and top (9 inch Z) of a build. While beam offset appears quite good at the bottom, the upper Z check indicates .005 inches too much beam comp. My only explanation is that I had the build profile set to drop the part bed temp 2 degrees C over 16 inches of build height. Was that a boo boo? I'm wondering if other sinterstation operators run a constant part bed temp throughout their builds and if they've ever checked their offset at higher Z levels. Thanks for your input,
Michael W Miller (Mike.Miller3@PSS.Boeing.com)
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