Rapid Prototyping Patents Special Edition

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Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 23:10:30 EET

March 11, 1999 is the thirteenth anniversary of Patent 4,575,330 to Charles W.
Hull for an Apparatus for Production of Three-Dimensional Objects by
Stereolithography. This patent is the first in a long string of patents by
Chuck Hull and his associates at 3D Systems. In honor of this anniversary and
the upcoming retirement of Chuck Hull from 3D Systems, Chatham Research will
offer a free copy of this patent to anyone who requests it by Email.

We are pleased to announce that a Special Thirteenth Anniversary Version of 3D
Rapid Prototyping Patents is available on CDROM. This version is a collection
of seventy-five rapid prototyping patents that have been assigned to 3D
Systems since they began selling SLA Systems. This special edition provides
you with the details of how your SLA system works and is supposed to work.
In addition, many of the patents in this CDROM provide copies of 3D Systems
Technical Manuals and source code for some of their software. So, if you are
an SLA user, programmer, engineer, or administrator, you will want to get your
own copy of this CDROM.

3D Systems RP Patents SE includes more than 7000 pages of patents in a PDF
format. As in 3D RP Patents 99, all of the patents are indexed to allow a
full text search capability. Included in the CDROM is 3D Systems Abstracts
that provides you with the first page of the seventy-five patents. Each of
these front pages is hyperlinked to the complete patent. All patents are of
the same quality as you would get if you ordered them from the US patent

The price of this CDROM is normally $119, but for orders that are postmarked
before March 11, 1999, the special price is $99 for shipment within the US and
$99 plus $20 shipping for mailing beyond North America.

Chatham Research
PO Box 1401
Amherst, NH 03031

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