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Let's try it this way...

And Please

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_Not_ to yours truly - I'm just giving this mail a little push.

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Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:45:49 -0500
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Organization: AAROFLEX, Inc.
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AAROFLEX, Inc., an international leader in the design of rapid
prototyping equipment, is seeking a self-starting entrepreneurial
individual to develop and expand existing business. Ideal candidate will
have advanced degree(s) in Product Development or related field as well
as demonstrated management skills. Strong experience with related
activities such as injecting molding, vacuum casting and 3D CADD also
helpful. Additional responsibilities will include management, marketing,
and quality control to ensure that product designs meet specifications.
Must be of impeccable character to resist the negative marketing of
primary competitor. AAROFLEX, Inc plans to file a summary judgement to
invalidate the primary patents of 3D Systems and then seek damages which
should conclude the ongoing lawsuit initiated by 3D Systems. Once this
is completed the negative marketing should end resulting in a
considerable expansion of business thereby providing a greater
opportunity for professional growth.

AAROFLEX, Inc. provides solid imaging products and services that assist
the users to move quickly from concept to production at a lower cost in
a shorter time while improving the quality of the product output. Check
out our web site: Aaroflex.com.

Please resume send to the attention of Ron Baltzer by fax: 703.849.1206,
or by e-mail: aaroflex@aaroflex.com.

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