Is the new thermojet system true, you ask

From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Thu Feb 18 1999 - 15:16:20 EET

Someone asked.....
>In a earlier message you mentioned a new product that replaces the Actua
>by 3D, called Thermojet solid object printer. The 3D website does not
>mention this product. Could you give further information.
>Is this new product connected to the question about price of equipment?
>You mentioned tat the price of new product was reduced. Could this mean
>that equipment is finally becoming affordable to small businesses?

Yes this system does exist and I guess 3D is not ready to make the big
announcement. It has been public knowledge for about 1 month now to a
select group of people. I was not one of the select few but things leak
out and I was not told that the information was not be talked about.

The quoted price depending on geographical area has been from 47k to 52k.
They will offer three colors of build material and it is said this material
is better than the Acuta stuff. You can interpret that line for yourself.

Are systems becoming affordable for the average small business, university,
or individual....... NOT yet but any price break is better than NONE.

Y2K may see the 20k machine. Ya never know who is planning what and
Stratasys still has not indicated what their new technology is.

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