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Date: Thu Feb 18 1999 - 17:20:09 EET

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<< Does anyone have any references which compare CNC (high speed or
 otherwise) against RP derived Rapid Tooling routes?
  As CNC is getting faster and faster, both in terms of spindle speed,
 computer processing speed and job throughput, can anyone see a life for
 Rapid Tooling from RP beyond the next 5 years (or less?) except for
 certain niche applications?
  I would be interested to hear of any views, particularly those from the
 industrial readers of the list who are changing, or who have changed,
 from Rapid Tooling to CNC.
  I know the list has discussed this topic before (though not recently)
 but in a constantly changing environment it pays to keep up with
 developments in the older, more traditional tooling routes.
 Steve Windsor
 Rapid Prototyping & Tooling
 Rover Group
 University of Warwick
 Coventry, UK
 The way you describe the comparison between CNC machining Molds and RT molds
You are describing an "US and THEM" scenareo. At our company we tend to use
the best technology to suit the particular job. We have the latest CNC
equipment and also RP/RT equipment. Many of our jobs we might use high speed
CNC to cut the cavity or the cavity electrode. We then might use lets say 3D
keltool to make the core half, thus eliminating the need to make a bunch of
time consuming electrodes. If I felt the part of the job could be done better
with another technology lets say for example DTM Rapid steel or nickel plating
I would sub that portion out. Usually with the tight deliveries having several
different options are most desirable. I guess the point i'm making is that you
really can't depend on one technology to fit all circumstances.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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