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From: Wayne L Foss (
Date: Fri Feb 19 1999 - 17:29:47 EET


I have an FDM 1650. All of the modelers you list, including their new
Quantum, have two extrude tips. One for the part material and one for the
support material. Don't confuse this technology with the 3D printers that
have multiple spray jets that turn off and on as needed. In the FDM
process, the extrude tip traces the outline of the part and then returns to
fill in the void to create a solid part. This is somewhat similar to the
toolpath of a CNC mill.

Rockwell Collins
Cedar rapids, IA

Marco Voster <> on 02/19/99 08:58:35 AM

Subject: Request for information

Dear RP-mailers,
does anyone of you how many nozzles to extrude material equip the
Stratasys machines?
I'm referring to these models:
FDM 1650
FDM 2000
FDM 8000
By consulting the Stratasys web site, I only found that these machines
can extrude different materials, one for the supports and one for the
part to be produced, but not information about the number of nozzles.
Best regards,
                              Marco Voster.

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