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The Stratasys systems use 2 extrusion tips, one for model material and one
for support material. These can vary in size, Stratasys has three sizes
that I know of .010, .012 and .016 diameters. Hope this answers your

Jim Payne
Emerge Incorporated

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>Dear RP-mailers,
>does anyone of you how many nozzles to extrude material equip the
>Stratasys machines?
>I'm referring to these models:
>FDM 1650
>FDM 2000
>FDM 8000
>By consulting the Stratasys web site, I only found that these machines
>can extrude different materials, one for the supports and one for the
>part to be produced, but not information about the number of nozzles.
>Best regards,
> Marco Voster.
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