Number of SLA's

From: Terry T. Wohlers (
Date: Sat Feb 20 1999 - 17:29:13 EET

Gabe Clark wrote:

> I have a client who is wondering about the number of SLA machines
> exist around the world. I am wondering if anyone has some rough numbers

At the end of 1997, there were 957 SLA systems (from 3D Systems) installed
worldwide. This includes beta and rental units from 3D, but excludes
stereolithography systems from (listed at random) EOS, NTT Data/CMET,
Teijin Seiki, Denken, Sony/D-MEC, Meiko, Ushio, Aaroflex, and Fockele &
Schwarze. If you add them all together, there were 1,370 stereolithography
systems installed worldwide at the end of 1997. This represents almost 42%
of the total number of RP systems installed worldwide. In other words, 58%
of all RP systems installed are FDM, SLS, LOM, ink jet printing, and other
methods of freeform fabrication. Hope this helps!


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