RE: RP versus CNC

Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 10:38:08 EET

Dear Al,

Can you send me a STL-file of the part you mentioned ? If we have the time
and the part is machinable in a good way, than we can make it with our HSM
milling machine, measure it and share the informatie with the list. Can you
also send me a drawing or so with the sizes you like to measure? Let me know
with which tolerance it was modelled and on which CAD-system and which
triangulation setting were used?

Bye from Holland

Jan Willem

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> Onderwerp: RP versus CNC
> -- [ From: Al Hastbacka * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --
> Several different RP systems have been used to make the standard user
> part. Has anyone made this part with a CNC machine and measured the
> results against the STL file to determine the accuracy of the NC machine
> on on absolute basis and relative to several RP processes?
> Would't this be an apples to apples comparison for a part that could be
> made either way?
> Regards,
> Al Hastbacka
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