Fwd: RE: RP versus CNC

From: Elaine Hunt (ehunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 14:54:06 EET

>anyway) in a couple of years. The Clemson site has the file listed, but
>it is no good. The file is very old, so I doubt the the CAD information
>is known.

When you unzip the user part on our site .....it's name is user.acs or
Just rename it user.stl and then you can use it. It is an ASCII file of
the original user part. This part was most likely modeled on ARIES. I
will try to see if I can locate Ed's original plans or work sheet detailing
just how the models were to be made. There were specific directions as to
how to make the parts. The reason for this was to eliminate user 'noise'
and be able to get machine accuracy NOT user/machine accuracy.

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