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Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 15:54:59 EET

I have all the User Part documentation since I was secretary of the user
group that year. I am having it scanned into a Word document so if you want
a copy let me know. I also have a copy of the original user part, along
with the paper work, which Dick Aubin did a year before Ed's part. This
part was done so we could see just how widely our systems varied in build
times as well as slicing times. This part was done for the Fall 1989
meeting in Orlando. You can see from this part just how far we have come
in terms of computing power and system development. I also have Ed's
original paper and will have it scanned if there is enough interest.

Also Dupont has continued their work in accuracy in their materials using
both a CNCed part and a user part done in all their materials. I am not
sure if Ciba and Allied have such data. It would be nice if such data was
available to users or published in something called ' User Technical

I have posted a binary user part file called user_o.stl along with a
user.stl which is ASCII version both are unzipped. Our new FTP site is

it is anonymous and your email address is your password.


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