Re: Open time on Sinterstation

Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 13:18:27 EET

So, just a question - not to stir things up. I know we've discussed
this on the list before, so I don't mean to rehash, but. . .

Is advertising at this level appropriate for this list? With many
bureaus out there, I would guess everybody has open machine time
during a given week. So, our list could be inundated with this level
of marketing.

The consensus from before is that advertising an improvement might
be ok. 3D announces new machine, DTM announces new material,
Service Bureau announces acquisition of new machine, or new
processing improvements at Company XYZ. This level is informative
to some and useless to others. So the Delete key can take care of
this problem.

Everybody seems to have their opinion, and some even like to
impose it upon others.

$0.02 won't even buy gum anymore.

David K. Leigh
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Rapid Prototyping Services
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